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Box Deluxe - Yellow Dog Blues Band CD

Box Deluxe – Yellow Dog Blues Band CD

That’s 11 tracks of bluesy goodness

The full Yellow Dog Rhythm and Blues Band play a mix of old and new material guaranteed to get you dancing to a true ’60’s R & B vibe. This is the type of Blues music you would have heard in the 60’s Rhythm & Blues clubs when bands like the Rolling Stones, Yardbirds, Alexis Korner and others were blazing the trail.

The line up is:

  • Steve – guitar, slide guitar and vocals
  • Paul – harmonicas
  • Tony – bass guitar and vocals
  • Alan – keyboards
  • Pete – drums

We all learned our trade playing in more bands that you can shake a stick at – we’ve been there, done it, and played it too! We know we’re playing the genuine article – we were there doing it first time around.

The Yellow Dog Acoustic Blues band, here, is a smaller version of the band, suitable for smaller quieter venues. We use acoustic instruments and play more traditional blues music. We have been playing together (with occasional changes in personnel) since the year 2000.

We are based in Northampton, England. You can listen to us on Spotify (look for Yellow Dog Rhythm) buy our album as a digital download from iTunes or Amazon, or order a physical CD here.

Here’s some more info from our Facebook page – click on “read more” or the photos to see the full post, comments and so on:

Call call Steve on 07739 80 80 09 now to book the real deal!

Yellow Dog Rhythm & Blues Band

The Yellow Dog Rhythm & Blues Band is a 5-piece electric band playing authentic 60's Rhythm & Blues. Tunes by The Stones, Ray Charles, Booker T, Hendrix, The Who, and upbeat classic blues from Muddy, Robert Johnson, Willie Dixon. Music to enjoy yourself and dance to!
2 weeks ago
Old Sun pub in Harlington know how to promote a band !! Seriously good night even if the temperature was a tad warm. Farewell gig for the Reverend !!!
Yellow Dog Rhythm & Blues Band
Yellow Dog Rhythm & Blues Band4 weeks ago
The Dog's out! Sunday 1pm at the Red Lion Thornby: Gin, Beer, Cider and Rhythm & Blues! What's not to like?
1 month ago
Great set at Crick Music Festival 👌.
Yellow Dog Rhythm & Blues Band
Yellow Dog Rhythm & Blues Band3 months ago
Join the Yellow Dog for a beer - 4.30 Sunday!
Yellow Dog Rhythm & Blues Band
Yellow Dog Rhythm & Blues Band4 months ago
Great gig at St.James Snooker Club Breakers Bar, Corby, last night. Next outing for The Yellow Dog: headlining Sunday at 2018 Northampton County Beer Festival at Becket's Park , 3rd June. See ya there!
Yellow Dog Rhythm & Blues Band
Yellow Dog Rhythm & Blues Band4 months ago
Hey Blueshounds: The Yellow Dog is at Breakers St.James Snooker Club tonight from 8.30pm. Free Admission.