Yellow Dog Blues Christmas Card

2015 goes down as a good year for The Dog! With an average of about two gigs a month and two sessions in the recording studio, that alone would qualify as a success but with a lot of help from our friends at The Lodge we managed to produce our first album – Box Deluxe! “11 tunes full of bluesy goodness!” as Tony says. And to top it all Bernie Keith gave us a play on his day time show and says he’s including it on the playlist for Saturday’s Rock’n’Roll Heaven Show ….. That’s one happy Dog, right there!!

We must also say a big “thank you” to our friends who have come to see us play throughout the year – especially those who have already bought our CD!

We’re ending the year with our Christmas Special back at the Old House on Wellingborough Road where we’ve played quarterly throughout the year. Thanks Old House: every Dog needs a home!! The Christmas Special is the night before the night before Christmas: the 23rd December. Hope you can make it ….. we have some Xmas goodies up our sleeve!

Merry Christmas everybody!

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